Getting Kids to Study Effectively – To Desk or not to Desk?

Now most kids will sit at the kitchen table, to complete homework & readers, whilst in junior school years.
But what about when it is actually time to concentrate, turn off all distractions & study?  Then it’s time for a desk.
So what are the things to bear in mind when creating a space for study?
Make sure that your child is seated comfortably and correctly, especially if in front of a screen, and that there is adequate light.
For older children it’s important to have enough room to spread out their books and personalise their desk space – add a pinboard if you can.
Good storage around the desk is a must – if not part of the desk, use drawers on castors, stacked crates, or shelves and display boxes on the wall.
My favourite choice of pinboard, would have to be Al and Em, not only are these pinboards designed by two very talented local Adelaide ladies but the material is also Australian Made.
But, my main reason for loving these is that they are light weight easy to hang, available in numerous colours & a style to suit all ages.
Finding a desk with adequate storage can be difficult but with ranges by Lilly & Lolly,Parenthood, OOTC and all our locally made designs we have a good selection, in varying styles & prices.
Remember a desk is not an essential bedroom item, but it is an important part of good study habits.  The tips below are not mine, but were given to me by a very learned friend.
Study Tip: Move Before You Study, even a simple 5 minute kick of the football will improve circulation which encourages improved concentration
Study Tip: Pick Your Study Spot – set up your child’s desk in consultation with them.
Whilst a designated space is important, they may prefer a corner in the tv room, kitchen or lounge over a bedroom – as they may feel they are being sent away (scolded) to study
Study Tip: Listen to Music While You Study – music lifts the soul, beats boredom & helps kill the time
Study Tip: Take Breaks While You Study

So, our answer on Desk or No Desk? – Yes Desk!

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