Travelling to Bali with Kids…

So, this Easter was the first time we have traveled with Master 5 & Little Miss 4 overseas. Yes, we took the easy option –
Bali, only 5 hours on a direct flight & we met the grandparents there, so all in all it was a blissfully easy experience.

But, saying this, a couple of items came up which I thought would have been useful had I known them to begin with & a couple of other experiences which were simply too good not to share…

The Airport. Thank you Adelaide, as at least the airport is user friendly and the play area for the kids helped kill time, as Virgin Airways require that you check-in 3 hours prior to your flight.
First hindsight moment – this was complete overkill – the international departures lounge only opened an hour before the flight,
so we spent 2 hours wandering aimlessly around the airport looking for spots where the wi-fi worked & actually wishing we weren’t leaving on Good Friday
so we could go out & take a stroll around IKEA (this was my lovely husbands idea, which probably gives you a good idea of just how over the airport he was at this stage).

The Flight. Second BIG hindsight moment and if you don’t read any further than this please take note of this next sentence.
When travelling Virgin if you don’t download the Virgin Entertainment App prior to boarding you cannot access the inflight entertainment.
And no they don’t advise or remind you that this is the case. Yes, we learnt this the hard way.
Oh, & I would ensure you have earphones for all devices you plan to use on board.
So there we were no entertainment, Master 5 devastated as he is a tech (dare I say nerd) head. But wait Mummy to the rescue.
Ta-Da a Tiger Tribe Piccolo Colouring Set that I’d thrown in my bag thinking it was probably a waste. Both children Loved It.
They spent hours colouring and we, sat back, read a book & felt like great parents as our children were being entertained “the old school” way.
An edible meal combined with being thoroughly amused watching Miss 3 drink wine out of the bottle
(ok, so actually this was Mr Ks plan & as it turns out a washed out small wine bottle makes for a significantly safer option for juice when experiencing turbulence –
though the stewardess did look at us twice more than once) and lovely hosts made the journey, quick, effortless & enjoyable.

The Arrival.

Immigration as you would expect it – slow and rather hot, but at long as you are prepared for the 1-2hours it’s not too bad.
Oh, & you need to have $25USD per person (children as well) in order to purchase your visa.
They will accept AUD, but it was simply easier to have the exact USD in each passport ready to go –
remember by this stage the children have been waiting &/or on a plane for close to 10 hours and patience tends to run out by now.
We also took the easy option here & had previously arranged for a transfer direct to our Villa,
which took all the hassle out of looking & negotiating with 2 tired & grumpy children in tow (also it was now 10pm).

The Holiday. Idyllic. Seminyak is a perfect destination for a family friendly holiday.

Quirky shopping, no being hassled on the street, lots of food options and staying in a private Villa was perfect as we could cook for the kids if needed, send out for food if required or
simply lay by the pool in the privacy of (essentially) your own home.
The only improvement I would suggest would be to track down one of the companies in Bali who will construct pool fencing and invest in this
as it would take the concern of having Miss 4 fall into the pool significantly reduced.
But we did bring Wahu Vests with us and they worked a treat.
If you don’t use them & you’re concerned about your little ones and water these are a fantastic option.

The Highlight. Brunch at the St Regis, Nusa Dua.
I honestly believe you would be hard pressed to find a better buffet anywhere, I most certainly have never come across a buffet like this before.
From Egg Nouvelle, to River Lobster Omelette, to Spanish Avruga Pearl Bilinis, with traditional Balinese fare & a full BBQ outside on the deck and a seemingly endless dessert table.
This was 3 hours of culinary bliss! And, did I mention it included an hour of signature cocktails to start!
All this for $55AUD per person, it was heaven. But, don’t eat breakfast because you want to be hungry when you arrive!
Have I missed anything? Oh children, that’s right.
Because, unless your child is a 1 in a million like our 10 year old nephew who would actually eat this incredible food, you probably want to have them leave you alone for these 4 hours.
But don’t worry the amazing team at the St Regis have taken care of this as well.
Included is Kids Club and this is no token room with a TV. It’s a fully equipped early learning centre, complete with music room, craft centre and dining room.
Miss 4 and Master 5 had a great day and were able to spend the day with other children from all over this amazing planet of ours.
So you may have picked up on the fact that we loved this particular day!

If you wish to enjoy this, make sure you book well in advance as it books out very quickly and they will ask for copies of your passport and credit card to secure the booking. We were a little dubious about this but after attending we understand & it really is an amazing experience.

The Summation.

I wasn’t sold on Bali as a holiday destination, but have subsequently done a 180 turn around.
It was gentle, clean, welcoming, safe & only a 5 hour direct flight.
Anyone looking for a brilliant family holiday, I would recommend Seminyak, Bali – in fact we are already planning our next trip…

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