Scandi Style: 3 Simple Steps

As a Mum, “Mum to Be” or “Future Mum to Be” you may be thinking of a Scandi inspired nursery, bed or playroom.  This stunning look is not only popular right now it is also practical and easy to achieve.

As a Mum, Scandi lover & veteran (well it feels like I’m a veteran as I started working in the field over 12 years ago!) in the kids & furniture industry I thought I share a couple of top articles & tips on Scandi Styling to help you get started.

In the words of DecoPeques from Petit & Small, in their “Scandinavian Style” blog, “Scandinavian Style fills our Pintrest sites” but in order to carry off the look “simplicity and naturalness are the must”.  Think monochrome styling, with a touch of Superhero for a softer child’s feel, birch and white furniture, and soft faux furs & skins for texture.  The perfect mix of geometric shapes and textured finishes will ensure your Scandi room is styled to perfection.  To create this look think Oeuf and you’re on your way!


images courtesy of Design Milk

Another take on the Scandi Style is brought to us by the ever talented, stunningly beautiful & perfectly styled Rebecca Judd.  On her site Rebecca Judd Loves she reviews the latest range from the amazing team at Incy Interiors.  The Teeny Range takes a traditional Scandi style & softens the edges, rounds the corners, introduces mute grey with birch, as well as the traditional white and the result is a modern Scandi Style, sure to suit even the purists among us!

As noted in both articles there are style rules to follow in order to create your Scandi inspired room and, as I advise many of our customers these can be simplified into 3 simple rules; follow these and you can’t go wrong.

  • Two Tone Reigns – Don’t be afraid to mix white with birch, grey or walnut finishes, a two tone piece adds interest and depth, but do ensure you stick to only one accent colour.
  • Statement Piece – In a well styled Scandi room 1 or possibly 2 statement pieces of furniture is all that is required, do not over crowd your space.
  • Keep It Simple – This look does not encourage lots of colour or frill, think monochrome or neutrals with perhaps a touch of pale pink or grey.



Images courtesy of Incy Interiors & Rebecca Judd Loves

So don’t be afraid, if you follow these simple steps your new Scandi inspired space could be just around the corner.

If you would like more information, help in piecing together your dream space or simply need assistance in sourcing products; please feel free to reach out & contact me on Instagram @outofthecot – Facebook outofthecot or Twitter @outcot.  Creating amazing kids spaces is what I love to do, so let me help you today!

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