Games, Games, Games… Reasons we choose the board variety…

Okay, so we all know that in theory we should limit screen time, increase our interaction with our children – blah, blah, blah… I always believed that this was a pipe dream.

This was until we embraced board games (I know hello, 1983 ).  But before you switch off and imagine this is another rant about hands on parenting, I’d love you to know that our battle with screens has been going on for years (you can read some of my other posts) and I can say that quite honestly NOTHING has worked for more than a few weeks.

Limiting time, limiting days, using screens as a reward, refusing them as a punishment.  Nothing worked; yet old skool board games are now in the running.

How we play, why we play & what we play.

  1. As a family we have always tried to embrace board games and the simple truth is, sitting down with the kids to play a board game sounds kinda tiresome but in actual fact is really rewarding.
    1. So, we basically have an entire games department in our cupboard so on any particular day we can choose from a number of games – this keeps everyone interested and ensures we are always playing a game that is age appropriate regardless of who joins in.  Just a tip but “Tummy Ache” is the absolute best 1st game ever! It is a game of chance which ensures your child occasionally looses without you “throwing the game”, it teaches turn taking, waiting and can help fussy eaters – any age can play but definitely once they are 2+!
  2. Hubby and I play board games with the kids to teach, to learn but mostly to spend time with them.  But the secret key is that we find out – especially for Miss E our sweetheart 2nd child –  where she’s at with reading, numbers, cognition, all the things we are all over with child number 1 but start to miss in our subsequent children (sorry child number 2).  As it turns out she is a true strategist and underestimate the 5 year old at your peril, especially when she’s playing a 10yr+ game (LOOT is a favourite at the moment) she will board your pirate ships & plunder your bounty all with a smile on her sweet lil face.
  3. As with any typical household we have – Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Game of Life etc, etc but we’ve discovered the card based, slightly less popular games have proven the most successful.
    1. In our store we have started stocking a range of these sorts of games and we play ALL of them, choosing which ones are awesome (Sushi Go) and which ones are not so (Monster Cafe).

Games are like books you always feel good when you give or receive them and if you’d like to pick our brains as to age suitability, gender etc drop in, check out our range online or chat to us on facebook as we’d love top help you pick one of our favourites.  We love playing them & I’m sure you’re kids (and hubby’s!) will love playing them just as much as we do.

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