Penny Scallan

kids bag Is it Kindy Time? School Time? Time for an Overseas Holiday? Or perhaps simply a weekend at Grandma’s?

We stock a great range of gorgeous bags for children of all ages and for all occasions!

Now we know there are lots of beautiful bags available but for our pick of the bunch, Penny Scallan wins hands down for design, quality & pure simple pleasure.

Why choose us?
Designed for children and Mum’s, our range is both stylish and durable. Not only bags, our extensive range includes bean bags, lunch boxes and more. Choose a matching bag and raincoat, or mix and match these cheerful patterns for a funky and vibrant look.

Find the right bag for you. With a philosophy of “Less work for Mum, more fun for kids!” you can rest easy knowing we have the best interests of you and your child at heart. Your young ones will be the envy of all their friends with the coolest gear at school!

We stock an assortment of Australian made bags in a variety of sizes and styles. Find a small backpack for your child’s first day at kindergarten, or a sleek new toiletries bag for their first school camp. With adjustable straps and materials that can simply be wiped down, the entire range of bags and equipment is easy to clean, lasting and comfortable. Start shopping for the perfect school, kindergarten and travel accessory now.

We love Penny Scallan & we’re sure you and your little one will too!