Melbourne Bunk Beds

Kids Bunk Beds Throughout Melbourne and Australia

When your child dreams of their very own bunk bed, treat them to something special to enjoy during sleepovers. When they climb up the stairs, they’ll be able to retreat into their own private sanctuary, safe from the prying eyes of the adults.

Give them exactly what they want with our range of designer kids bunk beds, constructed with the ultimate fun in mind. Whether they’re using the space to sleep in, or to have some fun in their own imaginations, our beds are ideal.


Bunk beds designed in Australia for your greatest comfort

At Out of the Cot, we make our beds of the highest quality, ensuring that your child has a bed they’ll love to sleep in for years to come. Constructed to Australia’s strictest safety standards – some of the highest in the world – each of our designs has gone through testing to assure it will withstand even the largest impact. In fact, your children’s safety is our highest priority. Buying your furniture with us means you’ll have the highest confidence throughout your lifetime.


Not just the bunk beds – we carry a wide range of bedroom decorations

As well as the bed itself, we also supply everything you need to decorate your child’s bedroom. From a comfortable and ergonomic mattress that will support their back as they grow to the colourful bedsheets that they can change up as their tastes develop, we have it all.

If you’re having trouble deciding, speak to one of our friendly staff members. Having been designing for many years, we will be able to help you find the perfect solution for your kids’ bedroom in no time.

All of our products are designed and made in Australia, meaning you are receiving the highest quality possible. Based in Adelaide, we supply our beds to the whole of Australia, so whether you live in Sydney or Melbourne, or somewhere more rural, your kids can enjoy the comfort of their own bunk bed.

Contact us if you would like to find out more – we are more than happy to help!