Customer Testimonials

Chris Olsen
( Author: Chris Olsen from Mount Maunganui )
Fantastic range of ‘must have’ gear and wonderful people to help you

“Thank You Lyndel”
( Author: Jen Bittner from Melbourne )
Hi Lyndal, I purchased the Jack Midi Sleeper from you a couple of weeks ago. After a number of hours to construct the bed and furniture, I wanted to let you know we are extremely pleased with the product. Our son absolutely loves his new bedroom furniture! Thanks to you and your team for all your help with our questions etc.

Caterina Burford
( Author: Caterina Burford from Adelaide )
Service is outstanding! (Emma in particular is so very helpful and goes out of her way to make your experience – delightful!)

Service is outstanding!
( Author: Caterina Burford )

cust review
( Author: Sally Veitch )
Best kiddie store LOVE it!!! We are so lucky to have this in Adelaide xxx

Cust Review
( Author: Carin Pole )
Beautiful products and fabulous service – thanks for all your help!

Service is outstanding!
( Author: Jessica Harrison )
I stumbled across your beautiful shop the other day. I wish I had found you earlier as there were so many items I loved. I also received amazing customer service which seems to be rare these days. Thankyou.

( Author: Asha Stanley from Queensland )
My Tiger Tribe prize pack arrived yesterday! It’s fantastic and my boy (and husband!) love everything they’ve pulled apart to play with so far!!! Thank you so so much! 🙂

( Author: Carin Pole from Adelaide )
Hi everyone! I came in today and just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous service and advice! I am extremely happy with the bed, mattress and linen I have chosen for my sons room. It was difficult making a choice as you have so many beautiful items in store – so thank you for your patience also.

( Author: Angela Tennent )
Thnks soo much for our prize the girls love it it just came now they are already putting clips in their hair

( Author: Carin Pole from Adelaide )
Thanks for all of your help in choosing a new bed for my almost 2 year old! He loves his new bedroom furniture (& linen) and managed to sleep for a huge 12 hours straight last night for the first time EVER! From a very grateful Mum 🙂

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Good for kids

( Author: Franklin from UK ) Average Rating: %s out of 5 Stars!
Good Site for Kids

Cindie Smart
( Author: )
If you’ve got kids, this shop is amazing!

Ayesha Faizal
( Author: )
I absolutely love every picture in every album.Left me feeling wonderful,always 🙂

Krissie Bryant
( Author: )
what a great place for all your decorating needs for your children!!

Danae Dyson
( Author: )
I love this store, all the kids beds are from there as are many birthday presents too. And you never know some little cherry things may be there too later this year xxx