Bed Wetting & Night Time Toileting

Nocturnal enuresis, night-time accidents, wet sheets – bed-wetting… It’s something we as parents experience with our children at some stage or another.
And whilst some children seem to simply “get it” others take a little longer. To make night-times easier & drier we have our top tips to dry nights.

1) Mattress protectors

2) Brolly Sheets

3) Always toilet before bed

4) Books and stories on “Potty Time”

Firstly I would like to say, we are not doctors, nurses nor trained specialists in this field but saying this, listening and talking to a wide variety of parents and trained specialists over the past 5 years –
combined with being a parent to both a 6 & 3 year old has given us some insight into tips that hopefully will help with those little accidents.

Mattress protectors are an absolute must. Modern day waterproof mattresses are guaranteed waterproof whilst also being both breathable, soft & “crinkle-free”.
When purchasing any mattress, a good quality mattress protector is a good investment, it will help with all accidents and will help keep the room clean and fresh.
We recommend Bambi cotton/bamboo products as not only is the company owned and operated by a lovely Australian family their products are also machine wash & tumble dry –
essential in my books as a busy mum!

Layering the bed is a concept which works really well.

Step 1) mattress protector

Step 2) sheet

Step 3) repeat step 1 & 2 if your child has multiple accidents in an evening

Step 4) Brolly Sheet!

Brolly Sheet is a fantastic product. It is a thicker version of a mattress protector which simply sits over all the sheeting & the tabs tuck into the side of the bed
BUT the best thing about this product is it actually absorbs up to 2 litres of liquid. When its wet simply pull off the bed & you still have perfectly dry sheets
(& back up mattress protector) underneath – with Little Miss Three this has been my favourite item this year!
Oh and this item works really well for Great-Grandparents as well…

Obvious steps such as sitting on the toilet every night before bed and books and stories about bed wetting & accidents all help in letting our little ones know it is
perfectly normal to have an accident – I Want My Potty was a household favourite.

Remember most children will learn to be dry in good time but using these simple tips will help make the process a lot less Wet! Good luck!

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